How To Prepare For Long Distance Cycling

Long distance cycling offers more than just exercise, transportation, and wind in your face.

It is one of the best, most enjoyable ways to see the countryside, from wide open plains to hills and forests to mountains and lakes. Prior to setting out on your bicycle, however, you should be fully prepared, not only for safety’s sake (studies have shown that cycling injuries outnumber those of most other sports), but for your enjoyment as well.

Cycling clothes

Instead of wearing shorts and a T-shirt or other such wind resistance-creating pedestrian gear, make sure to don proper cycling clothes.

In addition, pack an extra set of clothing (or two extra sets, depending on the length of the trip), plus a rain suit (when applicable). And, of course, you’ll want to have a good pair of shades, preferably the type of eyewear that is made specifically for cycling. Not only will this keep you from squinting, it will help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and flying dirt and debris.

Water and food

The most important thing to consider when cycling a long distance is water, followed by food.

Be sure and pack two bottles of water, refilling the empties at every stop along the way (it’s a good idea to drink one bottle of water per cycling hour).

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