How To Make Healthy Alternatives To Popular Halloween Snacks


No matter how into fitness and healthy living you are, almost everyone takes a break from their healthy ways to snack on some candy during Halloween.

However, if you have the time and the will to make the snacks yourself, you can enjoy your favorite Halloween candy without overdosing on sugar. There are healthy ways that you can recreate your favorite Halloween candies in your own kitchen.

For example, you can take out a muffin pan and make your own Reese’s peanut butter cups. In all of the healthy recipes for Halloween snacks, the most important thing is to use dark chocolate. This way you are not only cutting down on the sugar and calories, but you are also getting additional antioxidant flavonoids. Replace the peanut butter with almond butter and ground chia seeds.

To sweeten up the dark chocolate, add some maple syrup to the mix and add some coconut oil to make the snack chewier.

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