How To Know You Have A Bad Fitness Coach


If you are not enjoying your workouts with a trainer, then you should not be working with them, recent studies say.

A person can known everything about fitness and still be a bad trainer. How do you know that you have a personal trainer who is not a good one?

Some of the most obvious signs are very easy to recognize. A good personal trainer will create a workout program according to you and your needs, not according to what they think you should be able to do. Everyone’s body and abilities are different, and a good trainer will recognize that.

Good trainers should also be able to explain to you how to work out while using layman’s terms that everyone understands. If they talk like they are reading out of a science book, they are not doing you any favors.

Another type of trainer you need to stay away from is the arrogant. These guys will usually not only look down on you, but also mock serious fitness junkies who frequent the same gym, in an effort to belittle them and feel superior over everyone working out there.

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