How To Get Your Abs To Look Amazing

Now, this is a well-covered subject. There are over forty million search results when you search “amazing abs” on Google, and that is no coincidence. Be aware that nutrition is of great importance when it comes to you abs, and if you want them to be visible, your body fat percentage must be quite low.

According to T-Nation these exercises for your core will not only bring you a flatter mid-section, but will also help you with your posture and improve agility as well as give you more stability, which should be one of the main goals when working on your core.

The Standing Ab Wheel is an oldie, but goodie when it comes to making your core stronger, and it’s one of the best exercises you can do to have excellent results. Depending on the fitness and strength level, you should decide what kind of ab wheel work out would be good for you. If you are just starting off, then kicking it off from your knees will be plenty of work, just remember to pull up with your core, not your hips, because that happens more often than anyone would like to. However, if you have some experience in your training, then try standing ab wheel exercise, which is the same routine as with the knees on the ground, only it burns so much more. Start off slowly, then work your way up as you become stronger and more confident.

The Full Contact Twist might look a bit unusual, but it will do wonders for your obliques and abs in general. With this movement you are also working on your punch strength, so you’ve got a win-win combination right here. What you should do is put some weight only on one side of your barbell, while the other should be safely tucked in a corner. Your feet should be facing the bar perpendicularly, and at this point you should take the bar’s sleeve, tighten your core and start pivoting to one side. When you come back to the center, repeat the move on the other side, and don’t forget to keep your elbows locked.


T-Nation speaks about Bench-Press Sit-Ups as one of the very effective moves for both abs and again, strength training. This exercise is quite straight forward – set up in a bench press, make sure that the bar is always at arms’ length and crunch away. What you should keep in mind is to focus on your abs and don’t let your arms waddle around, keep them locked at all times, for maximum results and safety.

Standing Cable Crunch is one of those workouts that can easily underestimated, as many suggest doing this exercise while lying down, but doing a Standing Cable Crunch will be much more effective and will help you develop your core strength and stability. The procedure for this work out is quite simple – find a pulley station, attach the rope (feel free to put on as much weight as you can handle), then step out with the rope still in your hand, and then pull and bend forward with strength and control. The best thing about the Standing Cable Crunch is that you don’t need an insane amount of reps to see results. A couple (up to five) sets of ten repetitions will be plenty.

Dragon Flags – the name says it all. This exercise looks a bit insane, but boy, does it give results. This is, however, an advanced exercise, and you shouldn’t play around with it unless you’re sure your body can handle it. So, lie back on the bench, make sure to take a firm grip of it with your hands just at the head level. This is where it gets tricky – get your body into a candle posture, so close to the ninety degrees angle, then slowly lower down to forty-five degrees, and even further if you can go, as long as you don’t touch the bench. Everything is working here, but your abs should pull your legs up, above forty-five degrees.

Suitcase Deadlift is a very simple exercise and you can’t really go wrong with it. Set the bar on your side (with weights on), make sure your back is flat and your chest is up, and pick the bar up like you would do with a suitcase. Make sure not to twist too much, if this happens, take some weight off. This is an amazing exercise for the obliques.

Pitch Fork Lift is another one for your obliques, and it will make you work hard. Make sure you’re stable enough for this exercise, as it is challenging. To setup, put weights on one end of the Olympic bar, after which you should grab hold of the unloaded side with one hand, while the other should be holding the middle of the bar. Take a stance as though you are shoveling dirt, bend your knees and turn sideways at the hips, and lift the loaded side of the bar of the ground, again, just like with shoveling (this move is also called Shoveling Lift). Repeat this in six sets at most, with up to five reps.

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