8 Tips To Build Huge Chest Muscles Fast


2. Maximum Intensity

The human body is an exceedingly intelligent and efficient machine. Hence, it doesn’t like to waste resources – in fact, it strives to allocate its repair, maintenance and growth resources to the areas most critical to its key functions. Simply put, if you want your body to make growing your chest a top priority, its muscles must be pushed to their limits. And the only way to reach that limit is through maximum intensity.

What is maximum intensity you ask? When you bring a laser focus and concentration to each repetition until you simply cannot do another. Literally, your muscles fail. You cannot do one more rep.

That type of intensity and force is what triggers growth. It’s like the body says, “the chest is under a withering attack! Let’s marshal our resources towards the chest so it can grow strong enough to handle the next wave!”

Also the engorged pump you get from an intense lift floods the chest fibers with nutrient-rich blood, bringing much needed raw materials for repair and growth.

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