Home Remedies For Anemia

Herbal remedies for anemia

Herbal remedies for anemia are based on the assumption that your anemia is being caused by an iron deficiency, so the recommended herbs are those that are high in iron, contain vitamin C or both. If you’re looking for an herbal remedy, two options are dandelion and stinging nettle.

Both of these herbs are high in iron content, and they contain vitamin C to help with absorption.They are also both diuretics, so they help with constipation and clearing toxins from your body.

Dandelion and Stinging nettle

You can take dandelion as a tincture diluted in water according to the directions on the bottle, or you can eat it with your meal. Add some dandelion leaves to your salad or cook them like you would spinach. Dried roots can be roasted and ground and added to hot cocoa.

Stinging nettle comes in capsules, or you can drink it in tea. If you grow your own, make sure to eat the plant when it is young – before it contains the stinging compound – and don’t eat it raw.

Cook it like spinach or add it to your soup or eggs. When the plant matures, you can use it in your hair to make it shine.


Home remedies are a natural and inexpensive way to get your body healthy. When you choose to make changes to your diet instead of, or in addition to, taking a prescription, it increases your overall health with not only the nutrients you intended to add to your diet, but everything else found in the foods or vitamins you decided to take in. It also encourages you to think about what you’re eating and how helpful or harmful it is to your body.

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