Here’s What You Can Do To Prevent Muscle Soreness


When starting a new workout program, it can be pretty tough to create a well-balanced routine and make the time to exercise regularly. On top of that, we have yet another discouraging factor for the neophyte bodybuilder – muscle soreness.

Following an intense session in the gym, your muscles will probably hurt so much that getting out of bed could be a challenge the day after the workout, let alone going to the gym and repeating what you did yesterday. After all, that’s only bound to cause you more pain and it’s best to give your body some time to recover, right?

Well, not exactly. The phenomenon of sore muscles is referred to as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) by medical experts because the soreness generally tends to become worse as you progress through the first 48 hours following the workout. It is caused by microscopic damage to your muscle fibers and inflammation in the places where your muscles were torn during your workout, and it is a perfectly normal way of your body adapting to your new exercise routine. So what can you do to alleviate this pain, you ask?

First of all, don’t forget to stretch, ever. Stretching is an extremely important part of your workout and should be done after warming up and after the entire workout to relax your tense muscles. Chances are that proper stretching will reduce the potential pain by 50%.


Stretch for 5 minutes before your workout and 10-15 minutes after, and you’ll not only reduce potential muscle soreness but potential injury as well. Applying ice to your muscles can also be an effective way of reducing pain, just remember not to apply it directly, but rather in a bag. Going for a swim can also do wonders for your muscles because it cools them down and stretches them in a natural fashion, through the movements performed in the water. Just remember that this is meant to relax you, so you need to swim slowly and not feel like you’re additionally straining yourself.

It’s true, muscle soreness can be annoying and even intimidating for a beginner bodybuilder. But it’s a necessary evil in the world of fitness, and if you’re careful with your body, know your limits and never skip stretching, you’ll be able to reduce the soreness and be ready for your workout the next day.

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