Here’s The Effect Technology Has Had On Fitness


The 21st century is like an explosion of ideas, concepts, projects and innovations. If there’s one thing that this whole technology revolution which is the most important, it’s information. Information about or well-being, sent straight to our phones, e-mails, and tablets (and nowadays wristbands even). Every day we see thousands of new apps and programs that recognize the value of context, as well as feedback.

There are five innovators we’re keeping our eyes on: FocusMotion, Athos, Hyperice, Mio Fuse and the Muse Headband. These are all gadgets and things you normally don’t see in an average person’s house – but they are all incredibly useful. One’s a wristband yoga position tracker that tells you how well you’re doing, the other’s a brand of clothing with sensors that tell you if your training regime is doing any harm to your muscles. There’s even a foam roller in there that runs on batteries and can massage you in three different speeds.

These gadgets may not seem like a must-have if you’re planning on working out. But if you’re a perfectionist with the money and means to buy them – they might just give you an edge at achieving a perfect workout program.

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