Here’s How To Use Cheat Meals To Burn Fat

To successfully lose weight and burn that extra fat, completely changing your diet is often necessary. And while planning your meals and starting off a healthy eating regimen might not be a challenge at first, you will probably start feeling the cravings brought on by a previously unhealthy lifestyle after a few days. Fortunately, cheat meals exist and should be incorporated into any diet to minimize the chances of returning to old habits. However, although an effective method of dieting, cheat meals can often backfire and here’s why.

Cheat meals should definitely be a part of your diet, but no more than 10%. This is what is often called the “90/10 rule.” 90% of your diet should be comprised of healthy, nutritious foods while 10% can be left for indulging in those unhealthy, tasty snacks. This does not mean that you can do whatever you want and eat junk food all day once a week, that is something you most definitely shouldn’t do. Rather, a cheat meal is just that – a cheat meal. Pick a day when you will have one unhealthy meal to satisfy your urges, and no more than that. That way, all of your efforts at the gym and in the kitchen won’t be for nothing and you will be well on your way to a long-lasting, healthy lifestyle.

There is a psychological benefit to having cheat meals. To put it simply, it’s about making your diet more feasible, and giving you the motivation you need. Knowing that you can binge on your favorite fast food once or twice a week is much less intimidating than going on a 12-week diet where you aren’t allowed to eat anything you like. So, use cheat meals to your advantage, not as an excuse to eat nothing but junk food for an entire day, and have fun burning that fat!


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