Here Are The Benefits Of A Full-Body Workout


People often think that the best (and sometimes the only) way of building muscles is spending hours in the gym, day after day, year after year, but this is not always the case. Whichever method of building muscle mass you pick, you can be sure that hard work will always be required – it just depends on your preferences, whether you like pumping up for hours on end or want to save time while still achieving results.

If you prefer the latter, the full-body might be just the thing for you. Apart from saving a lot of time, it’s also a great boost to your cardiovascular system. The basic rules of full-body workouts are but a few, and you should try to stick to each and every one of them.

Train once in 2-3 days

This is just the beginning, but it’s no less important. The huge advantage to this tempo of working out is that you can fully rest your muscles between sessions, and you can fill the time between with cardio sessions instead of relying solely on cardio at the end of a standard workout.

Lift, push, and pull heavy

The basic math is like this – you train heavy, you get optimal results, no matter what program you’re following. Keep your weights as heavy as you can, but don’t go over the line (don’t mess around with this, you can sustain serious injuries if you overdo it).

Find an ideal exercise for each muscle group

An easy tip to understand and follow, but no less important than the others. Find a single exercise that ideally suits the planned muscle group and stick to it. The bench press is ideal for pumping your chest. For the back, nothing helps more than the bent-over rows, and as far as the legs are concerned, the squat is your best friend.

Don’t workout for more than an hour

Make sure to stick to strong impacts when exercising – a short but intense exercise is usually much better than a long and dull one. If you notice that your weights are too easy but you feel like lifting them for two hours will help you, stop what you’re doing and get heavier weights.

A post-workout shake should be taken immediately after training

You probably already know this, but as you perform full-body workouts, your exertions require incredible amounts of glycogen, so it’s important to re-stack on glycogen as soon as possible after you’re done. It’s like driving a car, and then refueling it!

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