Grapefruit Juice Better Than Water For Weight Loss?


We already knew that grapefruit juice was healthy and a great option when dieting, but a recent study confirmed that it might even be more effective than water.

In the study, mice were being fed a high-fat diet for an extended period of time. Some of the mice were given water to drink, while others drank grapefruit juice. It was confirmed by the research that the mice that were drinking grapefruit juice gain 18 percent less weight than those who were drinking water.

So it seems that the grapefruit juice diet might not be just a fad at all with this clinical research now backing it up.

According to the researchers from the University of California who participated in this study, these results, which were based on controlled experiments, definitely show that the health potential of grapefruit juice is something that needs to be researched further, adding that the results were very surprising and encouraging.

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