Finding The Right Place To Practice For The Track And Field Athlete


Middle- and long-distance runners, on the other hand, will need to dedicate significant time to jogging. Jogging around a track is a great way to keep track of your pace and distance, but the track isn’t always the most convenient place to run, particularly if it is used often for sprint practice. Jogging through suburban neighborhoods is a great way to build up your stamina, especially if the area is hilly.

Even though you’ll never have to run up an incline at a track meet, learning to deal with hills will improve your skill at pacing and energy conservation.

Find a park

If you live in an urban environment, it can be a bit harder to find a suitable place to jog. Many joggers choose to brave the city streets and make use of urban sidewalks. This is also an option for the middle- or long-distance runner in training, but heavy motor and pedestrian traffic can make it difficult and even dangerous to jog in such an environment.

Try instead to find a park. Parks offer open spaces and trails for runners to use, and they’re great for middle- and long-distance training. They also keep the runner away from the obstacles of the sidewalk and the fumes of street traffic.


Track and field is a sport that requires time and dedication. If you’re committed to becoming a great competitor, you should make the effort to plan out both your exercise schedule and the venue and equipment necessary to successfully carry it out.

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