Finding The Right Place To Practice For The Track And Field Athlete

As a track and field athlete, you’ll have to spend a lot of time practicing. Whether you’re working on building up muscles and reflexes or you’re concentrating more on endurance training, it’s extremely important to have the right venue and equipment available for the job.


If you’re a member of your school’s track team, you’ll probably have most of your training needs provided for. However, if you plan to train for races independently, it will be up to you to find the arena and the equipment you’ll need.

Weight training

Sprinters, jumpers, and throwers will need to work on both weight training and practice at the events themselves. When looking for the best venue in which to train for any of these events, make sure that it includes weight-lifting equipment such as free weights and exercise machines. Having access to a track is also a must when it comes to practicing sprinting or jumping events.


If you are a thrower, you’ll need access to other, more specialized kinds of equipment. Sports clubs in your area might have discuses, javelins and shot puts with which you can practice. Joining a club such as the YMCA is a great idea for any athlete, but especially for those who require specialized equipment or weight-lifting facilities.

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