Exercise And Good Diet Helps Before Surgery

The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) are reporting new findings related to surgery and a prior healthy lifestyle. According to the findings of their recent study, if you follow a strict conditioning, nutritional, and relaxation program before a surgery, then your recovery will be much faster and less painful.

This is called “prehabilitation” and it’s a program that has shown success, especially with cancer patients who needed to have a surgery performed. According to the study, exercising, eating well, and avoiding stress will help patients to deal with the stress of surgery better and recovery much faster after the procedure.

As far as fitness goes, the program entails an hour of exercise at least three days a week, including both aerobic and resistance training. This also comes with an individualized nutrition program and some whey protein supplements to aid in the exercising that is involved in prehabilitation, according to the ASA.

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