Everything You Need To Know About The Two Types Of Squats


Squats are a very efficient way to build muscle and develop strength like you’ve never done before. The thing you need to do before engaging in some serious squatting is to decide whether you will do the “high bar” squats or the “low bar” squats.

High bar squats will see your bar resting at the base of your neck, while with the low bar ones, it will sit further down on your deltoids. The choice is made depending on the type of your body and your goals, and determines which techniques you will use for maximum efficiency. According to Jim Smith, C.S.C.S., strength coach and author of Strength: Barbell Training Essentials, there’s an easy test to determine which squats suit you better.

In order to be sure, perform a body-weight squat with your feet apart the width of your shoulders, and your toes turned out slightly. If your hips lunge backwards while your chest falls toward the ground, high-bar squats fit you better. And if you squat easily with your torso upright so that everyone can clearly see the logo on your shirt, you might have short[er] legs and rather mobile ankles – meaning that low-bar squats are for you.

And remember, it’s not about which style is better; both have the same effect when done properly, it’s all about which one is better suited for the type of your body, and which one’s potential you can utilize to the max.

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