7 Tips For Rapid Fat Loss


2. Choose Healthy Fats

So when is a calorie not a calorie? When it’s a calorie from trans-fat.

Granted, you’ve probably already heard about the dangers of consuming fried and baked goods made with trans-fat, but did you know that trans-fat calories are “fatter” than an equal number of calories from other sources? Sadly, it’s the truth. So not only has trans-fat been rightly identified as an artery-clogging abomination, its calories make you gain more weight than normal calories. Now that’s scary.

The proof? Research findings presented at a recent Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes conference, held in Washington, D.C. In a nutshell, the researchers found that when male monkeys were all given the same number of calories, the ones who received trans-fat calories (equivalent to those found in the Standard American Diet) gained 7 percent more weight than the monkeys who consumed monounsaturated fats like olive oil. Even more disturbing, the extra weight wasn’t distributed evenly throughout the monkey’s body, but disproportionately deposited in the abdomen area.

The takeaway? Not only does trans-fat make you fatter than normal, all that extra fat goes straight to your gut.

Based on these findings, you could probably drop a significant number of pounds just by cutting out trans-fat while keeping your overall calorie intake the same. Just don’t go all ballistic and boycott fat altogether. In fact, your body actually needs “good” fats to facilitate nutrient absorption and mood regulation, among other things. The best healthy fat choices are omega-3’s found in fish, avocados, healthy oils and nuts.

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