7 Tips For Rapid Fat Loss


While this country’s growing obesity epidemic rages unchecked, our collective health is literally under siege.

Fast food joints by the thousands offer cheap fare loaded with salt, fat and sugar.

Jumbo-sized sodas and calorie-laden specialty drinks are as inexpensive (and ubiquitous) as ever, and our grocery store shelves are packed with prepackaged junk chock-full of trans-fat and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

On top of all this, we’re becoming more sedentary by day. Regular, healthy physical activity is being marginalized in favor of long hours parked in front of television sets and computer screens. Diabetes and heart disease numbers are already out of hand, and rising. Our jeans are literally bursting at the seams.

What we need to do as a nation is lose weight, and fast. This involves two basic principles: getting our blood sugar levels under control, and recalibrating our hormones to burn fat instead of storing it.

Here are a few simple tips and strategies to that end which, if followed diligently, will soon have you feeling and looking great.

1. Consume Whole Fruit Instead of Fruit Juice

Lots of people believe that fruit juice is just as healthy as whole fruit so they consume both fresh squeezed and store bought juice in large quantities.

Unfortunately for them, this notion couldn’t be further from the truth. Because instead of making a healthy dietary choice, they’re actually committing a cardinal sin to any serious weight loss regimen: drinking their calories.

Fruit juice that’s been separated from its pulp has no appreciable fiber. Hence, the juice essentially becomes a concentrated source of sugar that’s digested more rapidly than normal, triggering a fat-storing insulin spike. And to make matters worse, most store bought juice isn’t 100% natural anyway. More likely, an extra sweetener like HFCS was added at some point, making the resulting insulin spike even more dramatic. And as already mentioned, insulin = fat storage.

It should be clear by now that whole fruit is the way to go for rapid weight loss. Whole fruit retains both its pulp and its skin (when edible), and this is where all of the fiber and nutrients (like healthy flavonoids and carotenoids) are stored. The fiber helps slow down the absorption of fructose, which allows insulin to rise in a steady and controlled manner, helping you keep the pounds off.

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