7 Lies We Tell Our Personal Trainer


1. “I’m happy. I am seeing results.“:

This is one of the most common lies people tell their personal trainers. After working out continuously for a few weeks, it is natural to want to see some results.

Most people want to see results immediately which is downright unrealistic. In such cases you might imagine you have lost weight when in reality you haven’t.

Most people take longer than a month to see the smallest/slightest changes in their bodies. This usually happens to overweight individuals. Such individuals have so much optimism that they end up lying that they can see results when they actually can’t notice any changes.

Working out is a daunting task. The thought of getting rid of excess body fat and getting ripped is exciting however it takes a lot of hard work to start seeing results. In most cases, people are either unhappy because of the tedious workouts or unhappy because they can’t see the results of their hard work. Very few people see results and are genuinely happy at the same time in the first few weeks of exercising.

Instead of lying to your personal trainer that you are happy with the results you are getting, share your concerns directly. This will help your trainer draft a better workout program or diet for you to suite your needs. Being honest about your feelings and your progress helps your trainer identify your problem which can either be lack of accountability or setting unreasonable goals among other related problems.

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