6 Tips For Getting Out Of A Workout Rut

There are days when you feel like Rocky in one of those training montages. You are totally pumped, you have the ultimate spotter by your side and you are ready to move mountains (or change the minds of the Soviet boxing fans).

Unfortunately, there are days when you feel you cannot move a muscle. You start wondering why you work out in the first place, why you don’t just go out for a couple of Whoppers instead, and so on.

If you string a couple of those days together, you got yourself a nice workout rut that you need to get out of and make it fast. Here are a few tips to help you do it as quickly and as easily as possible.

1. Determine The Underlying Cause

First of all, you need to try and identify the causes behind your workout rut. Perhaps you are not getting the results you imagined you would in the time that has passed? Perhaps you have been doing the same workouts for months on end and you are just fed up? Perhaps you have a nagging semi-injury that makes it difficult to really apply yourself 100 percent?

Of course, causes could have nothing to do with working out. Maybe you have suffered a tragedy in the family and you are rethinking your entire life. Maybe you have to work extra-long hours and you are just feeling deflated.

Identifying the causes will often put things into perspective or at least point you in the right direction.

2. Redefine Your Goals

More often than not, your rut will have to do with unrealistic goals or goals that feel almost impossible to reach. This is why it is always a good idea to rethink your goals and make them more focused and attainable. For example, give yourself a task of finishing a triathlon instead of becoming the best triathlete in your county or state. Break your goals down into steps. This will help drive you forward.


3. Visualize

Many people do not think that visualization actually does anything. Well, as an Australian psychologist proved with a free-throw experiment, visualization can have tremendous effects on success. It can be even more impactful when we are talking self-encouragement. Visualize yourself completing a particularly strenuous workout. See yourself covering the miles or lifting weights. It can be a bit abstract, but it is actually really simple.

4. Remember The Good Times

In addition to visualizing your future workout successes, you can also reminisce about the great times from your workout past. Try and recall those super-personal moments when you realized what your body was capable of and how good it can feel when you push it to its limits. Anyone who has ever worked out has had those moments. These are among the best moments one can experience – sweat dripping down one’s brow, muscles almost igniting in pain, and you as proud as ever.

That’s poetry.

Remembering those moments is a fantastic way to remind yourself that there is beauty in the training itself and not just in the pursuit of the results.

5. Change Things Up

Many people stick to a certain workout regimen. Even when it is a really varied regimen that switches things up every now and then, it is still a regimen. You are still following a certain schedule, even though it might not seem that way.

Stand back a bit and really think about it. Is it really working? Is it making you unhappy? Do you think you could make some real changes to it?

You would be surprised how many people actually get bored with their regimens that were supposed to be boredom-proof.

6. Reach Out To New People

Another tactic you might try is reaching out to new people. Maybe it is someone in your local gym. Maybe it is a friend of yours who also works out. It doesn’t matter. Sometimes we need new people and new input from people to really understand certain things. Do not force it, though. If you can’t find someone you jive perfectly with, find a way to be content in your own company.

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