5 Tips For Beginning To Jog

3. Start with ease

Depending on your age and general level of fitness, you should initiate this exercise routine (like any other) gradually. Either the level of cardiopulmonary activity or the particular stresses can cause illness (such as an exacerbation of asthma or other lung condition) or injury (muscle or joint). So take it easy at first, and stop if you feel ill or experience severe discomfort or pain.

4. Join a group

Most cities have jogging groups that meet at particular times/places. Sometimes there are different groups available for different jogging levels (speed and/or distance). Running with a group is safer, more fun, and adds an element of motivation that makes it more likely you’ll stick with the exercise routine.

5. Stopwatch

Writing down your distance and time each time you jog allows you to monitor your progress. Using a pedometer (step-counter) that is properly adjusted for your stride length makes it easy to determine the distance. This facilitates quantifying the exercise for the purpose of reporting to your doctor or fitness coach.


Jogging is an accessible form of exercise that requires no special training or equipment. If done properly, it contributes to any fitness regimen.

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