5 Simple Breakfast Strategies To Help You Stick To Your Diet

Fill up on fiber and add a little protein

Eating fibrous foods will leave you feeling satisfied and therefore less likely to snack before lunch.  Throwing a bit of protein in the mix will rev up your metabolic rate.  That’s a winning combination for any dieter at the breakfast table! Oatmeal and other grain cereals are great high-fiber options to pair with a piece or two of light turkey bacon. Half of a whole-grain bagel with a smear of peanut butter also provides that strategic team of fiber and protein.  Consuming foods from these two important categories will set you up for success as you try to live healthier.

Spread out your meal

If you’re prone to unhealthy snacking before midday, try breaking up your breakfast!  Instead of eating everything at once, set aside a few different components to have throughout the morning.  Try eating a few sliced apples when you first get up and then have a serving of Greek yogurt or stick of string cheese as a midmorning snack.  An hour or two later, you might munch on a little high-fiber cereal or a handful of low-fat granola.  Before long, it will be time for lunch and you probably won’t even be all that hungry!  By stretching out what you would normally have at breakfast rather than eating additional snacks, you’ll consume fewer calories and reach your weight loss goals faster!

Drink plenty of water

Often, hunger is just dehydration in disguise.Coffee and juice drinks are the typical go-to beverages in the morning, but water is a much better option.  Choosing water instead can really cut back your calorie consumption if you’re on a diet.  As a bonus, drinking more water can fool your brain into thinking you’re full without adding extra calories.  So drink to your health at breakfast!

Eating a good breakfast is an essential part of any healthy living plan.  This metabolism-boosting morning meal is important for achieving your weight loss objectives.  By using these simple tips, you can maximize the benefits of your breakfast and keep your diet on the right track!

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