6 Reasons To Avoid The Health Food Craze

Healthy-vegetarian-saladIf optimal health is your goal then you probably know the drill. Each and every day you want to strive to eliminate fat from your diet.

You want to reduce your sugar intake. You may even feel driven to wipe every dreaded carbohydrate out of your life forever. To the extent you succeed in these endeavors you can pat yourself on the back and revel in the glory of your self-proclaimed “Atta boy!”

We’re becoming conditioned to believe deprivation holds the key to weight management and an overall healthy lifestyle. If less is supposed to be more, why are so many of us unhappy, unsatisfied and generally disappointed in the results of this lifetime of restrictions?

1. You know the type

As the saying goes, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” When you try to bribe your body with artificial sweeteners, fat-free plastic foods or minimal carbohydrate meals you are setting yourself up for those diet busting cravings. You know the type. At ten o’clock at night when you return home from a long evening doing whatever it is you spend your evenings doing, you decide you can’t take it any longer. You order a pizza and eat the whole thing. It fulfills your every want and desire and leaves you worse off than before.

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