5 Reasons That Eating Breakfast Can Help You Lose Weight

3. Distributing

Eating breakfast means you are distributing your calories evenly throughout the day, rather than eating more in the afternoon and evening.

This gives your body a better chance to digest the food and keeps you from binging in the evenings when your body is craving more nutrients.


Eating breakfast gives you more energy for the day ahead. This means you are more likely to stay active throughout the day, and will have the energy necessary to exercise.

5. Fibre

Breakfast foods are often packed with fibre and carbohydrates which not only keep your digestive system running smoothly, but also give you plenty of energy.

Two pieces of fruit or a bowl of high fibre cereal are two great, healthy breakfast choices that will ensure you give your body the energy it needs in the morning.

While this may be more convenient for some, if you are trying to lose weight then skipping breakfast can be extremely counterproductive.

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