5 Reasons That Eating Breakfast Can Help You Lose Weight

Skipping breakfast has become an everyday occurrence for many people across the world. With busy schedules and early working hours, a lot of us simply grab a cup of coffee in the morning and avoid eating until lunchtime.

While this may be more convenient for some, if you are trying to lose weight then skipping breakfast can be extremely counterproductive. Read the following five points which explain why you should eat breakfast every day if you want to successfully shift those extra pounds.

1. Skipping

While you may not initially feel hungry, or even notice any extra hunger after skipping breakfast, your body is craving nutrients after hours of fasting. Breakfast is named so for that exact reason – eating it breaks your fast since the previous day. If you skip breakfast your body is likely to crave extra foods at lunch time, and you may find yourself over-eating in order to compensate.

2. Kick your metabolism

If you skip breakfast, your body may have to manage without food for up to 15-20 hours. Fasting in this manner causes your metabolism to slow, which actually inhibits weight loss. If you eat breakfast, you automatically kick your metabolism into gear earlier on in the day.

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