5 Great Toning Exercises You Can Do On Your Backyard Lawn


Quality exercise doesn’t necessarily require a gym, specific clothing or lots of heavy equipment. For these five fat-burning, muscle-shaping exercises you won’t have to travel far at all – just out your back door.

If the ground is soft enough you won’t even need an exercise mat. This is a convenient way to get the exercise you need without all the hassle.

Do a set before breakfast and another when you get home from work. Combine this with some long walks or gym workouts on the weekend, and you’ll be doing your body a big favor and looking good in the process.

These exercises work the whole body and will give you a thorough workout.
Just remember to stay hydrated, do a proper warm-up and try not to make your neighbors too jealous about how much money you’re saving on gym fees.

1. Lunges

Lunges work the hamstrings, butt muscles and quadriceps and are one of the best thigh-shapers you can perform.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, hands on hips, and lunge forward with one leg.

Your front knee should not go over your toes, and your back knee should get close to the ground without touching. Hold for a second or two, then return to the start position and alternate with the other leg.

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