5 Common Biceps Training Mistakes


Filling up your shirt sleeves with some muscle and then flashing your ripped arms around is not a feat achieved easily – it takes months of hard work, dedication and determination. Many gym studs will be tossing themselves and their iron around in a desperate attempt to get jacked as fast as possible, making vital mistakes that can easily prevent their goal from happening.

You too might be making these same mistakes without even knowing, so just in case, here are 5 most common biceps training mistakes: 

Overusing momentum

Sure, you might feel tempted to relieve some pressure off, but just don’t do it. If you use these small tricks like bending forward at the waist or swinging to make your lifts easier, you’re actually going against yourself. It will take the tension off your biceps, and, as a result, hinder your mission to obtain bigger muscles.

Leaning back

Similar to the momentum overuse situation, leaning back allows you to take some tension off your biceps which, again, has absolutely no point if you are going to the gym in order to get bigger and stronger. No pain – no gain, remember? Tension is what makes a muscle grow, and if you lean back, not only are you completely removing this feature from your workout, but you’re risking some serious back injury.

Lifting elbows and shoulders

There are people who believe that they will get a better punch at the biceps if they raise their elbows and/or shoulders up at the top of a curl. This is simply not true. The only thing you can achieve by doing this is bringing your anterior delts into movement, which, again, removes tension from the biceps.

Training biceps after lats

Although there’s essentially nothing wrong with training both the same day, if biceps growth is your goal, better do them separately. Lats involve pulling and compromise the intensity you can put into your curls.

Ignoring the negatives

The eccentric contraction is a vital asset to anabolism, and one would be a fool to ignore it when pumping biceps. We promise that lowering weight over 4 seconds on every rep will give you many inches on your arms, despite having to go a bit lighter.

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