3 Ways To Lose Fat For Good

How to lose weight is one of the most frequent questions asked on the Internet, which really isn’t that surprising. Most of us are very fond of delicious, sometimes not particularly healthy food, though we don’t appreciate the outcome of our eating habits very much. In the age where being fit and almost fat-free is practically paramount, new ways to enable you to lose all those extra pounds appear every day.

The rules of weight loss have always been more or less the same – eat a healthy, balanced diet and engage in plenty of physical activity. However, if you are striving to lose weight that has piled up over time, you’ll have to implement a stricter lifestyle regime to see permanent results. Here are three ways to lose fat at an optimal speed while feeling good at the same time.

Carbs are THE enemy when it comes to losing weight, or so they would have us believe. However, carbs are the fuel that helps us throughout a workout, and while you should definitely cut back on carbs during the day, you should consume them before the workout (peri-workout). How this strategy works is that you should pay attention to when you’re taking in your carbs, and if you opt for a meal that has more carbs, do so around your workout time, preferably an hour or so before you start. This way, you will satiate your need for carbs, help your body keep the adequate energy levels for the workout, and avoid energy crashes that might come later. Another way to work with carbs is to take them in during your workout (intra-workout) via fast acting carbs and protein supplements, but this should be reserved for those looking to take their workout to the next level.


When it comes to working out, there is an infinite number of approaches that you can take up, depending on what your fitness level is, as well as what kind of results you want to achieve. If your focus is on getting a leaner body and getting in good shape, then you are probably familiar with the High-Intensity Interval Training, best known as HIIT. Now, HIIT is excellent for breaking up the fat reserves in your body and getting them to move, but this is not enough because you don’t just need to move the fat, you need to burn it. This is where the steady-state cardio (SSC) comes into play.

SSC is there to seal the deal, so to speak, when it comes to effective fat burning. Once you get that fat moving from HIIT, SSC will make sure you burn it. The way you can implement your steady-state cardio into your HIIT routine is to do twenty minutes of SSC after you’ve done twenty minutes of HIIT. In other words, if you want to implement this into your running regime, do a switch of sprints and jogging for the best results.

Finally, when speaking about the workout regime, there are some other points that are worth mentioning. If you are using one of the free exercising programs that can be found on the Internet, then you shouldn’t trouble yourself too much with thinking how exactly you should choose your exercises for the best results. While working with a program is a great start, there comes a point at which you should ask yourself if you’re giving it all that you’ve got. Sure, it was very difficult to deal with the demanding exercises when you started, but if it feels like you’re not giving it your maximum, it may be the time for an upgrade. Don’t be afraid to kick your exercises up a notch, the results will show very quickly. If you feel like the leg press is not enough of a challenge for you anymore, focus on the squats and their variations. For pretty much any exercise out there, you can find a variation that is more demanding and more efficient for you. Burpees, walking lunges, hanging leg raises, take your pick and welcome the fat burn that comes with them.

Fat loss may seem like a long process that requires a lot of work and commitment on your part, but all it actually takes is some effort to achieve your goal.

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