20 Insane Diet Tricks For Massive Muscle Gains



3. Fasted Training

Once again, this is another technique that a lot of people do not agree with; however, there seems to be an equal number of people and experts promoting it. If you haven’t seen this being talked about on all the best fitness blogs, then you probably haven’t been reading them, since this topic has become very popular over the last several years.

The premise is that if you are training without having eaten for a long time prior to that, your body is going to be releasing free fatty acids in order to help you get through the training.

However, it might be pretty hard at first. According to the experts who swear by this method, you shouldn’t eat anything 12 to 16 hours before working out. And while you are working out, you can only drink coffee, tea and BCAA supplements. Training on an empty stomach might sound crazy, but the result can be equally crazy.

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