20 Insane Diet Tricks For Massive Muscle Gains


2. Post-Workout Insulin Spike

This is a theory that has a lot of supporters and detractors. Some say that you need to eat some carbs right after a grueling workout. By consuming high glycemic index carbs right after working out, you are creating an insulin spike that is supposed to be replenishing the glycogen that has your body used up during the workout.

Some people do not agree with this. They believe that there is no workout that is intense and long lasting enough to completely deplete your body of glycogen if you are eating right to begin with. But there are others that swear by this technique. You can test it out for yourself. Try eating something like pasta every day right after your most intense workout and see if this ends up leading to better and faster gains.

There is research that backs both claims, that’s why it’s not completely accepted yet, but there are a lot of serious body buildings who use this technique.

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