20 Food Ingredients That Are Killing You


13. Saccharin

The second artificial sweetener to make our list is saccharin. This sugar replacement was revealed to cause tumors in the bladder of lab rates in studies conducted in the 1970s.

Because of this, the government required a warning label be added to foods that contained it. Less than surprisingly, rodents and primates aren’t quite the same. It was later discovered that saccharin didn’t have the same bladder cancer causing effects in humans.

It’s not all smooth sailing from there, however. More recent studies have suggested that substituting saccharin for sugar in your diet can actually cause you to pack on pounds rather than shed them. Artificial sweeteners confuse your body’s usually adept sense of hunger and ability to measure calories consumed, leading people to reach for that extra snack or soft drink.

Maybe instead of ditching sugar altogether for some lab-made chemical, we’d be better off limiting how much of it we consume. Watch out for Sweet N’ Low especially as its main ingredient is saccharin. Raw sugar or even none at all will be a better option for that morning brew. Many sodas, candies, cookies, and even toothpastes and medicines are also made sweeter with the additive.

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