21 Tips On Losing Back Fat


2. Dumbbell rows

The structure of your back is a very complex thing – when doing dumbbell rows, you should use several different exercises at different angles for best results. We’ll give you some, and you can experiment with the reps, priorities and etc.

Dumbbell rows are fairly simple to do: place one knee on a bench, table, couch or whatever and hold a light weight in the opposite hand. Make sure you’re slightly bending forward, but your back must remain flat at all times – this is paramount. Pull the arm holding the dumbbell straight back in a row motion, contracting your upper back, skimming the side of your body with your elbow as it is moving.

Remember, you’re here for the back fat, not for building your biceps – concentrate on pulling the dumbbell up, using your back more than your arm. Also, do negatives because they allow you to work your back in an overload style.

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