20 Exercises To Build Huge Chest Muscles Fast


1. Peck Deck

The peck deck is great for people who are just starting to work out. A lot of the more complex exercises are all about technique, and techniques take some time to figure out and get right. But with the peck deck, you are always in position and there is no way to do it wrong.

Even if you have worked out before, it’s a good place to start when you are warming up your chest muscles. Sit down, adjust the weights to the weigh that is good for you and then press the pads together. It is important to contract your muscles before pressing the pads together and when you are returning to the starting position, do not go back all of the way and let the weight stack fall. You’ll get a much better workout if you hold the stack at the end of the rep.

This is the perfect machine for working out your inner pectorals.

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